Excerpt 2 from “Find Frank”

An excerpt from “Find Frank”


What follows is an excerpt from “Find Frank,” a novel-in-progress:

There is something magical about walking through a city of a half million people when the streets are still and empty and the air is silent. Every footstep sounds tremendous, every breath invasive. The few people who dare to walk through the tranquility do so tenuously, tiptoeing over soap bubbles and taking in tiny, quiet breaths. They reach their apartments and exhale loudly as they flop onto their couches, letting their purses or gloves or keys fall heavily by their sides. They are free to talk now—to pace loudly and listen to music and breathe normally—but for a few moments the stillness remains in their ears and limbs, vibrating softly as they slip out of the fairyland world outside and into their carefully decorated, heated, well-lit, electronics-filled apartments.

Not every night is enchanting and still in the Tempest City Warehouse…

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